The Best 4×6 Speakers for Car Review

While our taste in music varies, we still love it. Car speakers can ensure you enjoy your favorite tunes much better. However, just like everything in life, they come in different sizes.

Some cars can only accommodate 4×6 speakers. If your car belongs to this category, you will have to consider only those with this dimension. Even with this seemingly small category, you’re spoilt for choice. Deciding on the perfect 4×6 car speaker could be quite arduous.

This review is aimed at helping you make the right choice.

Five Best 4×6 Car Speakers

Kicker DSC46

The Kicker DSC46 might be considered average but with a dimension of 4×6, you can’t expect more. Its attributes are decent but not spectacular. It’s a 3-way speaker with a distinct frequency range.

This unit has an RMS of 30 watts and a peak power of 120 watts. Kicker did some extraordinary work by streamlining the profile of the speaker. This should improve the installation process of the device. You can easily place this speaker within compact locations. The extremely small tweeter protrusion of this unit which uses polyethylene-napthalate material makes this possible.


It’s easy to install
Compact design
Quality sound


Poor power handling
Bass isn’t great

Pioneer TS-A4675R

One of the best brands in the industry is Pioneer. They are renowned for their quality audio products. The TS-A4675R appears to have maintained that standard. Its output is remarkable despite its small size.

This speaker comes in pairs. Both possess a much better power handling compared to the kicker. With a power rating of 200 watts, it’s certainly everything but shabby.

This Pioneer speaker comes with an adapter plate. This makes for easier installation of the speaker mount.


Setup is quite easy
Delivers crisp and clear sound quality
Frequency range is rather wide


Power handling is still below-par
Sensitivity is not great

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462

This 4×6 car speaker is a mix of looks and a practical design. This endears it to many car owners. It is not overly flashy but delivers top quality sound.

While this speaker is not exactly a top-of-the-pack unit, its attributes ensure it is conceivably different from what’s obtainable elsewhere.
It uses a flexfit basket design. Here, the speaker has slots into which a single screw fits. This provides the speaker with better adjustability since the screw is slightly movable.

The Punch P1462 uses polypropylene injection molded cones. This makes it highly damped, improving the sound quality substantially. There’s also the added financial advantage. Using polypropylene cones reduces the cost of production of the car speaker without compromising on quality.


It has an opulent design
Installation is easy
It is affordable


Power handling is unremarkable
Bass isn’t impressive


JBL is an acronym every audio expert is aware of. You can’t go ‘speaker hunting’ without stumbling upon it. Well, this isn’t surprising considering the outstanding audio products James Bullough Lansing has produced over the years.

The JBL GTO6429 utilizes a carbon-injected plus one cone. This increases the available area for sound production without negatively affecting its quality. Such a feat is possible due to the unprecedented stiffness possible with the cone.

There are well-defined perforations all over the magnetic assembly. This ensures the inner components are not overheated while keeping the power input under control.

It uses a nonmagnetic basket of a carbon composite material. This enhances the efficiency of the speaker by eliminating wastage and improving accuracy. Even in tougher situations.

This unit uses soft dome tweeters. With this attribute, compliance and damping are more evenly distributed. When compared to a metal dome, this has less turbulent disintegrations.


Quality sound production
Better power handling
Improved overall performance


Basket arms are not durable and this always affects the quality of sound produced subsequently
It is not compatible with an amp

Infinity Kappa 2-Way Speakers

Last on this list of the best 4X6 speakers is this unit from the Infinity Kappa. This device uses a similar cone material to the JBL though with several alterations. With such adjustments, it amplifies the bass production from the cone.

Its sensitivity rating is off the roof especially for a 4×6 speaker. Certainly, you will be getting maximum volume from a moderate power input. Peak power is great but not the recurrent one. But the sensitivity sure makes up for this minor inconvenience.

This 4×6 Infinity Kappa speaker uses soft dome tweeter. With this feature, you get a better sound quality while enhancing the power feasible with the speaker. Regardless of how you enjoy your music, this unit would prove to be a massive upgrade to your stock speakers.


Sensitivity is top-notch
Bass production is decent
Excellent tweeter choice
Great sound especially within the mid-range


Power handling could be improved upon
Complex installation process

Buying Guide

Before you purchase a new car speaker, you need to take into consideration a lot of things. This could be on the side of the speaker, your car, and yourself as well.

Below are some of the more vital factors to think about:

Power handling

Car speakers regardless of their dimension require power to produce the needed sound. The ability of a speaker to deal with the power of different magnitude is what is designated its power handling. The RMS rating is the average power utilized by the speaker.

You need to consider the power calibration of your car’s stereo before you delve into purchasing one. If you use an amplifier, its rating could be decisive of the car speaker you finally settle for.


If you want to understand the efficiency of a speaker, looking at its sensitivity rating might be the best place to start. If you want a speaker with a loud volume, you want to be sure that the power input is maximally converted into decibels. So, if you like your music loud, pay attention to its sensitivity rating. This can’t be emphasized enough.

Your budget

Like everything else, your financial strength would affect the car speaker you opt for. If spending triple digits on a pair of car speakers would leave a dent in your budget, go lower! There are numerous affordable car speakers, just endeavor to choose wisely.


No specific 4×6 car speaker can be considered ‘the best’. This review comprises of several products with decent attributes. But all we do is to bring them together. The best speaker here is unique to every user. You are expected to choose a device which not only fits your car but meets all your demands.

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