Accessories that every dog owner must have

When you decide to add a dog as your new family member, you have to get ready to accommodate it. This requires you to buy some accessories that will help to make your dog feel at home. the following are some accessories that every dog owner should have.


Some new dog owners have their reservations of buying a crate, but it is essential. Dogs perceive crates as their safe house where they can rest when they need safety and comfort. There are wooden, plastic and wire crates. Plastic crates are light, easy to clean ad can be used in a number of weather conditions. They are also cheap.

Wooden crates are heavy to carry around, hard to clean and expensive. They may not suit the dog when it is cold. Crates made from wire are well ventilated and are easy to clean. To make more comfortable for the dog, one can drape a blanket or piece of cloth. Always ensure that your dog can stand and turn around in the crate. For puppies, one can partition the crate so that it doesn’t look too big for it.

Identification materials

There are different types of identification materials that can be bought for a dog. the modern way of identifying dogs is through getting a microchip inserted under the dog’s shoulder blades. A microchip is small sized and is very effective. The chip contains all your dog’s information, including the owner. When a dog is lost, a veterinarian can scan it and retrieve the information.

Another material is a tag. Personalized tags are very common and its what most people normally use. A tag contains the dog’s identification information and is attached to the dog’s collar. The dog wears the collar most of the time.


A dog needs to have a collar. The collar is where the tag is fitted. Most people use the flat collar which is has a fabric, a quick- release fastener or a buckle. There are also LED collars nowadays that ensure that your dog can be identified even at night. This makes it easy for you to locate a lost dog. The LED lasts 17 years.

Check your dog’s collar from time to time and readjust especially if your dog is still growing. To prevent the risk of being trapped or strangling, ensure that the collar doesn’t hang loose. The space between the collar and neck should fit two adult fingers. Harnesses are also used instead of collars.

Grooming accessories

Your dog needs to stay neat and clean. Grooming tools differ by breed. Different breeds need to be groomed differently.
However, there are basic grooming tools that is a must have for home grooming to happen. They include:

  • Combs.
    These come in different sizes and shapes. You need combs to detangle the dog’s hair and sometimes to remove fleas. Combs come in handy when bathing the dog.
  • Brushes.
    These are good for tending to the fur coat. There are brushes for both long and short hair dogs.
  • Shampoo and conditioner.
    When bathing your dog at home, you cannot avoid these. Get shampoos and conditioners that suit your dog’s needs. They should always be PH balanced.
  • Clippers.
    These are used for clipping the dog’s coat. Get the best clippers for your dog for comfortable grooming.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
    These are important to ensure that your dog’s dental hygiene is well taken care of. Dog’s toothpastes come in many flavors.
  • Forceps, gauze and Otic solution.
    These are used to remove wax from the dog’s ears.
  • Nail clippers.
    They are used in trimming the nails.


Dogs are very playful and energetic. They need toys to keep them busy. toys for dogs are very easy to get and vary in sizes, color and shape. Ensure that you buy your dog a toy that it can’t swallow.

Float coat

If you like going with your dog to the lake or river, this product is a must have. It will ensure that your dog can float incase of an emergency. Dogs can swim naturally but they get worn off easily. Buy a float coat that has a reflector for easy visibility in case of an emergency.

Shower stall

For dogs that dislike being bathed in the sink or bathtubs, shower stalls are the alternative. Most stalls are one-size- fits -all. This means that any size of dog can use them. They have water nozzles and integrated leashes and removable shelves. All these features are put together to ensure your dog gets a deep clean.

Dog coats and boots

for people who live in cold places, these are must haves. Coats help to provide extra warmth for your dog during winter. The boots come in handy in protecting the paws and paw pads from salt and ice. Boots also help in having a frim grip when walking on ice.

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