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Should women that train drink whey protein shakes?

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Should Active women use Whey Protein?

The answer to the heading question is ‘YES’, they can use.  Whey Protein comes from the watery portion of milk that separates from curds in the production of cheese. It is an ideal source of protein since it is a rich source of amino acids and minerals. . It contains the largest amount of natural proteins among the food supplements. Bodybuilders, athletes, wrestlers and other active adults, popularly use it to increase energy and increase their body mass.  It improves the athletes’ performance. Therefore it’s crucial that ladies start to use protein shakes for women in 2014 to change their lifes.

whey protein shakes for womenThis supplement is widely used all over the world by active and non-active adults. It serves as an alternative to protein supplement. People, who train resistance and tone of the body, require protein to repair the tissues and muscles. It can help in preventing allergies in infants, colon cancer, weight loss-obesity, and asthma.

Taking this supplement is beneficial because it results in getting lean muscles. Especially when consumed as a shake as part of resistance training program.

When consumed, brings the feeling of fullness more than other food groups like carbohydrates and fats. Hence, it curbs hunger, and weighty people can benefit by not snacking every now and then.

During workouts, the muscle tissues breakdown protein and glycogen stored in the body and needs to be recovered. Intake of Whey supplement will replenish the lost energy and restore the muscles. Ensuring the muscle is ready for the next scheduled workout.

General benefits

  1. Easy to digest the absorption rate of is high, since it comes from cow’s milk.
  2. Low on cholesterol
  3. Beneficial for losing weight

Benefits of protein shakes for women

  1. Calcium contained in the Whey supplement gives the body the much-needed calcium in their body to have those strong bones.
  2. The easy to digest nature, gives active women the best option to take it as a post workout drink or meal. Replenishing muscles and giving back energy.
  3. Training or working out can be for different reasons, to tone muscles, have lean bodies and for weight reduction. Whey supplement has the capabilities of helping achieving all these. Check great article about workout by
  4. Healthy immune system Helps in boosting the immune system because it increases the production of glutathione, an antioxidant helpful in detoxification.
  5. Amino acids (leucine) People who train hard require amino acids in their bodies. Whey protein is a perfect because it is high in leucine, which is associated with weight loss, fat loss, and increased muscle synthesis.
  6. The body compositions of people who use this supplement lose fat retaining muscle mass and sheds off weight, resulting in lean muscles.



How can protein shakes help women lose weight

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Weight loss with protein shakes for women in 2014

For those of who are daring enough to give up some food in order to chug down some protein shake, I commend you. Fortunately, there are some benefits of substituting or supplementing protein shakes with your meals.

protein-shake-weightlossProtein is scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. In fact, there is a correlation between those who eat lots of protein and sit around all day, and those who sit, but don’t partake. You can lose weight simply by eating more protein. Yes, just having protein inside of your body is enough reason to have fat burned. The same goes for very muscular men, who you might have noticed have warmer bodies and higher metabolisms.

Furthermore, it is easily digestible. This is evident in humans and carnivorous animals, like lions. For a human, having a diet that consists of protein means that you absorb more energy rapidly than if you were to eat something herby like a salad. More energy in a less amount of time results in your body not storing fats, leading to loss of weight.
I’ll try to connect the difference between a meat eater’s digestive tract vs a veggie eater’s tract in this short aside. The lion for example, has a small digestive tract, evolutionally designed and made this way since it only consumes protein. A veggie eater like a cow has a long, multi-chambered stomach for digesting green foods like grass. I have made my point.

Protein shakes, when coupled with plentiful exercise, leads to greater protein synthesis before and after workouts. The reason is that having any amount of protein jump-starts the muscle being created for an entire day. The body creates more muscle, and in the long run, you burn more calories.

Some people also use shakes as a substitute for real food. Even though there are calories, its more quickly absorbed due to its powdered and dissolved form. However, you should be conscious of the calories that a certain protein shake brand entails, as some can get quite high. The effectiveness of shakes in losing weight also depends on gender: it works better for men.

Lastly, the effectiveness of its consumption towards a weight loss goal really depends on how overweight the person is to begin with. Obviously, the more “obese” you are, the less chances the body will have to use its reserved storage fats.

In conclusion, shakes do help people lose weight, but the effectiveness depends on the amount of exercise, calorie consumption, and last of all, dedication of the health fanatic. One must be smart in the way he or she organizes consumption of shakes.protein-shakes-to-lose-weight-fast

Women afraid of protein shakes – they shouldn’t, learn why!

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Why women shouldn’t be afraid of protein supplements

A common misconception by women, from popular opinion in forums and surveys, is that taking protein supplements will consequently lead to the gain of abnormal or disfiguring amounts of muscle mass. This may have to do with the fact that women still view protein supplements as “something that only men do”. Society and gender hyped yes, but very false.

women drinking shakeEven if a woman took protein supplements daily, before and after workouts, it would still take her a long time to build lean muscle mass. Scientifically speaking, this is because women are genetically engineered to gain fats. Protein cells are hard to maintain, and if your muscles are not trained often, the body begins to absorb its own muscle to save energy. (Sounds disgusting, no?)

To add, all humans do not simply gain significant muscle mass from eating meat. Rather, the recovery process from strained or damaged muscles gives muscles a bigger appearance.

The majority of women should come to realize that protein supplements are just another type of food, such as a can of tuna or chicken. Protein has the ability to make your body feel “full” of nutrients, leading to less consumption of less healthy foods, such as heavy starches or polysaccharides. Embrace the protein.

So, what if a woman lifted weights or had intensive cardio-resistance sessions daily? Well due to the lack of testosterone in women, they cannot build an overabundance of muscle mass. Simply put, the physical peak of a man is exponentially greater than that of a woman. This is true unless women were to take anabolic steroids: which is scientifically proven to increase hair and testosterone. In that case, a woman can “bulk-out”.

Weight gain is another reason why women may fear protein supplements. This set of thinking is rational. All foods, including protein, can cause a person to gain weight. As a matter of fact, all muscle growth is accompanied by weight gain. Explains why cardio is important to the body-obsessed. The key thing here is to recognize that protein supplements do contain calories, and like all foods, should be taken in moderation. But coincidentally, protein shakes are known to provide the most protein and least amount of calories. Heck, its better for anyone to have protein shakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner than some light sandwich or cereal.

So to all of the ladies out there, don’t be afraid of protein supplements. Break free of your stereotypical thinking; having muscle tone is hot.